Working with a doula

Our practising members work under our banner and are required to meet our standards. They are self-employed and work to standard terms of engagement, which will be agreed with you prior to any arrangements being made.

We welcome referrals from family members, partners, friends and healthcare professionals as well as from the person themselves. The initial discussion is an important one – to get to know you and for you to feel comfortable with the doula you are meeting. This is where we can begin an empathetic and compassionate relationship to understand the life you have lived, who and what is important to you – your hopes, preferences and wishes. We will try to understand:

  • What makes for a good day/week
  • Your likes, dislikes, hopes, fears and concerns
  • How and where you would want to be cared for
  • How you like your living to be
  • What needs to be done and arranged so that you can ‘get on with the business of living’

We put the individual and those important to them at the very centre of all we do and aim to help the person feel safe, supported, respected and cared for in an open-hearted way. If there is something we cannot do ourselves or is outside of our skills as a doula it is likely that we will know a trusted and compassionate person to whom we can refer within our wider circle. We do our utmost to make it possible for the person to be cared for in the way they would like and in the place of their choice.

We will support family and friends tending to the person to care for them with confidence and providing guidance and respite as needed. We are there after death too for practical support and to be alongside those who are grieving.

The first meeting is not charged for.

We also undertake Advance Planning for End of Life aka Living Wills and for this work a flat fee is charged.

Please get in touch for more details