Our Training

Photo of LWDW pioneer and director Hermione Elliot
Hermione Elliott – Pioneer of End of Life Doula Training

End of Life Doula training is offered by Living Well Dying Well and, currently eligibility for Membership of End of Life Doula UK is open to those who have completed their Foundation training with Living Well Dying Well (and received their certificate).

Living Well Dying Well have an established training programme in the UK. The full training course is certified by Crossfields Institute and has been awarded the Crossfields Institute Quality Mark Programme.

Courses take place in the UK, all through the year; both face to face and online. Forthcoming training and booking details are listed under Courses and Events on the Living Well Dying Well website so please look there for more information

Professor Allan Kellehear had this to say about the Living Well Dying Well training and the way in which it delivers excellence:

“The Living Well Dying Well End of Life Doula Network is the premier UK learning centre offering experiential, classroom-based and field training that is professionally supervised and delivered, certified and diploma based. This End of Life Doula Network is the national leader in professional development of this pioneering approach. Our Doulas learn how to foster, harness and enhance the community’s own abilities to provide compassion and presence at the end of life and they do so in a tried-and-tested professionally guided programme.”

Photo of Allan Kellehear
Allan Kellehear