Doula Support

I called Christmas Eve to say my Father wanted to come home to be with his Family Christmas Day and to die at home.  He needed a person to be with him at night.  I called End of Life Doula UK to ask for support. After a short pause I heard the words 'We can do that'.  My Father died at home with me at his side – the Doula gave me the confidence and support I needed to fulfil his wish.

JB - Devon

He [the End of Life Doula] was indispensable – he stepped in to do anything we needed and was 100% reliable and compassionate in those last months.

TMM - Kent

I was on my knees and needed respite from the care of my Partner who had MND.  The Doula stepped in at short notice to cover me and she also talked to the GP to get additional care so I could cope and spend good quality time with Neil.

CM - Brighton

 Mum was in a Care Home. She was frightened of dying.  She needed someone to talk to about her hopes and fears before she died.  Two Doulas were made available to be with her night and day to soothe and comfort her and she went peacefully.  I am most grateful because without them I am sure she would have died in distress.

 SP - Bradford

I needed to get my affairs in order because I am a single Woman who lives on her own and don't want to leave a mess for Others' to sort out. M helped me do my Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment and my Advance Statement.  She made it simple and a pleasure to do!  Thank you, M!

MC - Birmingham   

L was there for the hardest of times from when K was told that there was no more treatment she could be given, during the last weeks making cups of tea, doing housework, relieving me to sit with K right through to helping me plan K's funeral.  I call L every now and then as we went through so much together to make K's dying as good as it could be.  My heart is broken. 

HP - Edinburgh

I enlisted the help of End of Life Doula UK when my Mum was approaching the end of her life. She had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 27 years and was living in a care home. To this day I can’t believe how lucky we were. [End of Life Doula] was our saviour and I can’t imagine how this would have turned out without her. She understood what we were dealing with and dealt with our enormous difficulties incredibly skilfully. She helped us navigate through Mums death and her funeral. Mum had the most wonderful funeral and we were able to come together on that day to give tribute to the wonderful woman she was and that was 100% down to [End of Life Doula]. I can’t thank her enough. Losing someone you love is incredibly difficult, no matter what the circumstances and when it happens, we all need an [End of Life Doula].

CW - Leeds

 Advance Planning Workshop

Solid information, presented in a clear and easy way to understand

AF - London

I now have the confidence and knowledge to create my own Advance Plan

LH - Devon

Now I have done my Advance Plan I can get on with living my life

JG - Birmingham

Having done my plan I know my children no longer need to worry about the big life decisions as they are covered in my plan

DK - Edinburgh

Everyone should do this course, it saves a lot of stress

LL - Manchester

 Doing Death Differently Conference

Fantastic event, great speakers, lovely venue

PM - Guildford

Loved the day, location great, warm and friendly atmosphere, loving the Doulas

DW - Southampton

Inspiring Speakers, twinkling lights, successful logistics and thoughtful choice of caterer

EH - Sheffield

Fantastic, wonderful and the atmosphere and energy in the room was delicious

HT - London

What a wonderful day, it was a gift to be there

PB - Nottingham

Fabulous day…… blew my mind

HW - Suffolk

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