Doula Support

When our whole world was falling apart you kept us together

Rock solid support

With gentle guidance you helped us get Grandad home so he could die in his own house

You gave us confidence to organise the funeral ourselves without the use of funeral directors

Thank you for sitting with Mum for hours on end. It allowed us to take much needed time out

Henry our dog will be forever grateful for the walks you gave him.  He sends you Big licks!

You enabled him to release that anger and go peacefully.  What a gift to him and us!

Thank goodness we had you to fight our corner. We didn’t have the strength or knowledge on how to stop things happening against our wishes

What a relief we found you, you made a horrible and sad situation that much more bearable

I think I will best remember the laughter you brought into the house

 Advance Planning Workshop

Solid information, presented in a clear and easy way to understand

I now have the confidence and knowledge to create my own Advance Plan

Now I have done my Advance Plan I can get on with living my life

Having done my plan I know my children no longer need to worry about the big life decisions as they are covered in my plan

Everyone should do this course, it saves a lot of stress

 Doing Death Differently Conference

Fantastic event, great speakers, lovely venue

Loved the day, location great, warm and friendly atmosphere, loving the Doulas

Inspiring Speakers, twinkling lights, successful logistics and thoughtful choice of caterer

Fantastic, wonderful and the atmosphere and energy in the room was delicious

What a wonderful day, it was a gift to be there

Fabulous day…… blew my mind

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