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It’s important that we understand what is important for you from the outset.  To help us please complete the contact form and we will then be in touch quickly to see how we can help.

If it is an urgent situation or you have difficulty completing the contact form you can reach us at: 01137339100

We have Doulas practising in their Communities throughout the UK and you can meet some of them here

COVID 19 Announcement

In these unprecedented times we are available to provide Volunteer non-medical Doula support to any person who would like to reach out to us by telephone.  There will be no costs associated with making this call and having a conversation with a Doula. We can offer support to anyone who is:

  • terminally ill
  • concerned of how to care and support another person who may or may not be in physical isolation and is elderly, living with dementia or terminally ill
  • caring for a dying person at home
  • seeking support to complete their Advance Decision/Living Will
  • experiencing death anxiety
  • experiencing anticipatory grief and bereavement
  • fearing they may become seriously ill
  • struggling with social distancing and loneliness

Please contact us in the first instance here and we will arrange for you to be connected to a Volunteer Doula for a free conversation


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