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Aly Dickinson in Conversation with Clare Fuller

liv sauerteig 13/06/2022

In this 30 minute podcast Aly talks to Clare about how End of Life Doulas…

Liv Sauerteig – Thinking About Death, for End of Life Doula UK

Liv Sauerteig – Thinking About Death

Phil Parker 10/09/2021

Having a passion is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? That tingly feeling you get in…

Video Presentation from Sarah Ticho on Virtual Reality, Grief and End of Life

Virtual Reality, Grief and End of Life

Phil Parker 24/03/2021

Video Presentation from Sarah Ticho – Member of End of Life Doula UK  

The Art of Dying Well

Rethinking accompanying the dying in the time of COVID

Lizzie Neville 01/10/2020

with our Patron Dr Kathryn Mannix and End of Life Doula Gazala Makda  

A Doula’s Personal Experience of Covid-19

Lizzie Neville 29/05/2020

In mid-March I developed covid-19.  For almost seven weeks I went through a roller coaster…

Why should I? To plan or not to plan for your end of life experience

Lizzie Neville 07/05/2020

By Helen Juffs End of Life Doula shares her experiences on the outlook many have…

Admitting the Possibilities of Error

Lizzie Neville 28/04/2020

I am blessed to find myself in New Zealand for the duration of the immediate…

An Act of Love

Now is the time to talk about death and dying, so you can get on with living

Lizzie Neville 25/04/2020

You may be listening to all the Coronavirus news, which changes day by day, wondering…

End of Life Doula UK Telephone Responders

Lizzie Neville 25/04/2020

Here’s Lizzie Neville Chair of End of Life Doula UK talking about our Doula Response…

Funerals during the time of the Pandemic

Lizzie Neville 11/04/2020

Katrina Taee End of Life Doula and Wendelien McNicoll “Our physical presence may be restricted…

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How Can We Recognise Death is Approaching?

Danny Admin 23/03/2020

The way people die is entirely individual to them, a unique experience for each person.…

# I Choose Comfort Care

Lizzie Neville 23/03/2020

I am very fortunate to have had a very happy, healthy and fulfilling life.  I…

Jude walking Jude

It’s a great Dog’s Life!

Lizzie Neville 23/03/2020

  Having gone from great health to developing a chronic back problem in very short…

Why I make Films about Death – Barry J Gibb Film Director

Lizzie Neville 29/02/2020

I absolutely love making films. I’ve worked in a lab, teasing apart the cellular basis…

Emma Dixon – No Fear but only Love

Lizzie Neville 28/12/2019

I’m on a big journey, and I’m still at the beginning. But I can tell…

Aly Dickinson talks about the importance of planning our dying

Lizzie Neville 09/12/2019

Aly Dickinson talks about being an End of Life Doula; the importance of planning for…

Emma Clare – Becoming a Death Doula changed the way I see life

Lizzie Neville 05/11/2019

Emma Clare talking-to the Huffington Post about what being an End of Life Doula is…

Photo: Hoach Le Dinh

Dead Honest

Lizzie Neville 02/10/2019

Lizzie Neville, one of our End of Life Doulas was invited by Dead Honest Podcasts…

Holding Space by Rebecca Kenyon

Lizzie Neville 06/06/2019

Beautiful ‘short’ of the work of End of Life Doulas from Mote of Dust Films.…

Doing Death Differently Conference Videos 2019

Lizzie Neville 05/06/2019

Saturday 30th March, St Mary’s Church,Wyndham Place, Marylebone, London. 10am to 4.30pm.  Thank you very much…

Li Mills – Talking about her work as an End of Life Doula

Lizzie Neville 05/05/2019

Li Mills has trained as an End of Life Doula with Living Well Dying Well.…

Doing Death Differently Conference March 2019

Lizzie Neville 03/04/2019

Saturday 30th March, St Mary’s Church,Wyndham Place, Marylebone, London. 10am to 4.30pm What a wonderful…

Jackie Dunn

Lizzie Neville 18/02/2019

  A couple of years ago I helped my friend Jackie with her Advance Plan…

An End of Life Doula Jingle Belling

Lizzie Neville 20/12/2018

In the build up to Christmas my feisty, independent Grandmother who lived alone (her husband…

An Invaluable Funeral Planning Tip Can Work Really Well For You, Too!

Lizzie Neville 19/12/2018

I frequently give public talks, but I don’t see many of the people who attend…

An End of Life Doula and a Humanist Funeral Celebrant

Lizzie Neville 04/12/2018

What a thing to be interested in, have empathy with and actively support people through…

photo - exiting a cave into daylight to represent the question about an afterlife

Is there life after death?

Danny Admin 12/11/2018

Keeping this short and sweet. People often say, ‘you must find it difficult when someone…

image of rainbow colours on water

A Peaceful Death

Danny Admin 12/11/2018

I am going to call the person I was privileged to have spent 3 months…

Photo of doulas meeting

My First Meeting – Ongoing involvement on Being a Doula

Danny Admin 03/11/2018

My First Meeting Ongoing involvement on Being a Doula I attended my first regional North…

photo showing someone planning things on a map to represent preparing for death

Advance Planning for life until the very end

Danny Admin 29/08/2018

Over the years I’ve had sadness, belly laughs, nostalgia, regret, transitory deep and meaningful conversations…