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Dame Deborah James – Living life until the end


Huffington post June 2022

Katrina Taee, End of Life Doula, and others – knowing when death is approaching

Daily Mirror 25th July 2021 – Signs that Death is Approaching


Here are Aly, Hazel, Helen and Jane talking to the Journal for Dementia Care, May 2021 (p30)


Screengrab of article from Journal of Dementia Care, about End of Life Doula UK
The Role of Doulas in Dementia Care, Journal of Dementia Care, May 2021



“The most rewarding part of her work is empowering the dying, or allowing their families last wishes to be granted.”

– Caro Dent End of Life Doula talks with Karen McVeigh, Guardian


“While for many this would be a particularly difficult – and at times unpleasant job – Lizzie is adamant she loves it. Death can be thought of in such a scientific, medical and practical way whereas a doula is there to provide a break from that. They dedicate their time to that other person, some of whom have no close family or partners left, and work to make it meaningful. Then, when they are gone they are there to offer emotional and practical support to grieving family members.”

– Lizzie Neville, Chair of End of Life Doula UK, discussing the role with Olivia Blair, Independent


“I’ve learnt that life is very fragile and if you are going to do something, get on and do it!”

– Lizzie Neville,  End of Life Doula UK, speaks to BBC Hampshire & Isle of Wright about working as a doula with the Rylance family, BBC News


“Death isn’t something that should be feared the way that it is. Death is something you can roll out the welcome mat and accept and appreciate.”

– Toby Lee – Manning End of Life Doula in training talks to BBC Three about why he became a Doula and how his relationship with his brother lead him to start the journey BBC 3


“We have the extra privilege of having formed relationships with our families sustained over weeks and months. And certainly many nurses I’ve talked to are very keen for us to be involved because they have to walk away from a home after a visit knowing that that family is going to be by itself for much of the time.”

– Hermione Elliott, Founder of Living Well Dying Well on the Joan Bakewell BBC Radio 4 series We Need to Talk About Death, BBC Radio 4


“For me death is natural and normal and, if well handled, can be the fulfilment of a life.”

– Hermione Elliott, Founder of Living Well Dying Well  ‘Death Doula’s Compliment Nursing Care at the End of Life, Nursing Times


“Supporting families as a loved one dies.”

– Hilary Peppiette, End of Life Doula, speaks to The National newspaper  Scotland about being an End of Life Doula


Experiences of End of Life Care by Emma Clare a Doula working in the North of England.

“You don’t get visits just for being lonely”

– Emma Clare writes a blog for Dying Matters about her experiences working with those at end of life and their families.


“I am a Death Doula and it’s changed the way I see life”

– Read about and listen to Emma Clare talking to the Huff Post about her work as an End of Life Doula

Huff Post

Aly Dickinson End of Life Doula talks to Leah Green at the Guardian about Planning for End of Life, What is in her Doula bag and they visit a Death Café too.

The Guardian – by Leah Green  Planning for end of life with Aly Dickinson

Greg Wise End of Life Doula UK Patron on Grief

– On the Marie Curie Couch Podcast, bereavement expert, John Davidson meets Greg Wise


“We will all die. That is certain. When we and how will die is uncertain. We could die from a terminal illness, frailty, old age or it could be because of a sudden and unexpected event such as a cardiac arrest, an accident.”

– End of Life Doula UK talk to AK Lander about end of life planning