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More about me

I am an end of life doula in training and have been working with people in this capacity since 2022. I first heard about end of life doula’s years ago and my interest was piqued, when this interest didn’t subside I decided to pursue it and do the training. The more I have learnt and the more experience I’ve gained the more interested I’ve become and I now feel completely confident that working with people at the end of life is what I want to be doing. In particular my interests lie in education and ensuring that people feel comfortable and confident in dealing with the practicalities of death as it arises in their lives. I also feel strongly that good end of life care should not be a privilege and should be accessible to everyone in our society.

In 2023 I moved to Bristol from London looking for a slower pace of life, I am really enjoying getting to know the city and the community here. In addition to my work as a doula I also work in a health food shop.