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Offers doula services in Kent

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More about me

I am here to support and guide you through, what is for most, an immensely challenging and unsettling time. I can support you regardless of which stage of your journey you are at,  from point of diagnosis to beyond.

I live in the beautiful hamlet of Ebony, near Tenterden in Kent but often travel the length and breadth of the country supporting families.

I originally trained as a veterinary nurse before working as a sculptor for many years. 

I set up my own business  working as a holistic funeral director many years ago understanding that people needed not only more choice, but also more support than they had been, on the whole, from mainstream traditional funeral directors. I now work across the S/E England supporting many families as both as End of Life Practitioner and a Holistic Funeral Director – www.hollylyonhawk.com 

I am an author or A Gentle Goodbye with Cinnamon the Rabbit – www.gentlegoodbye.co.uk, as well as a multi-award winning Holistic Funeral Director, Specialist in Ceremonial Care of the Body and End of Life Practitioner for People and Pets. 

My aim is to make one of the hardest times in people’s lives as light and love filled as is possible by making choices known and being here to listen, support and guide.