Emma Schade-Stylli 

Offers doula services in Midlands, Wales
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More about me

I’m a wellness guide and peer mentor with an integrated medicine practice specialising in spiritual crisis support, end-of-life care and companionship. I am passionate about helping people with the end in mind and understand how unsettling it can be as I went through a significant event during my mid-twenties in 2001. Amid this dark yet transformative time, I recognised a gap between modern medicine and traditional support systems that could offer a complementary path to spiritual crisis and the opportunity to heal. With the help of loved ones and experts, I slowly turned my attention to recovery and my desire to offer companionship and guidance to anyone facing similar challenges. I also lend a helping hand to caregivers caring for individuals in tender situations. I offer custom wellness plans that guide you safely and steadily through your health and well-being obstacles, including end-of-life care, planning and preparation. From one-on-one peer support to nature-inspired prescription care packages, your time with me is highly personalised, detail-orientated and handcrafted to create an in-depth signature experience. I believe in a holistic and nurturing approach to healing that brings together science and spirituality for a brighter life and death. Resources are available to support you.