Sue Weststeyn

Offers doula services in: Fife

Contact Details

Tel: 07887 840 663 / 07825 795 808

I am a Certified End of Life Doula. I live in beautiful Fife with my husband, my daughter, my son in law, and various pets. I’m a Mum of three adult, married children, and Nana to three grandchildren. I work in the family farming business, mostly doing administration these days, but I can still operate farm machinery when my husband’s desperate. Nature, nurture, authenticity, exploration, purpose, expansion, creativity are important to me, and I enjoy activities which reflect these, e.g. growing our own fruit and vegetables or practising TaiChi Chuan.

Dying and death are part of the natural cycle of living, and it’s important to talk about it. As an End of Life Doula, I accompany people as they face their fears, I listen while they speak about what matters to them, I help them navigate their way on unknown paths.

I’m passionate about Advance Planning because I’ve experienced what a difference it can make when you’ve made your wishes known in writing, and you can get on with living life to the full right to the end, because the ”stuff” has been sorted out.

I’m happy to walk the path alongside you.

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