Sarah Goodman

Offers doula services in East Sussex, West Sussex
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Sarah Goodman

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Hello.  I finished my training as an End of life Doula in 2017 and am based in Brighton. I am also a Holistic Therapist with qualifications in Counselling, Energy work and many healing modalities. I have been volunteering for the past decade in roles supporting people at the end of their lives. I also work in the community raising awareness of death and dying and am part of a group running a monthly Death Café in Brighton.

We all have unique personalities and live life our own unique way, I passionately believe that we should continue that truth right up until the end. It can be difficult when we become part of the medical system therefore having a Doula as your companion and advocate helps you remain an individual. I can make sure your preferences and wishes are met in a practical, emotional & spiritual way. I am with people as they face their fears and I listen to what’s important to them & learn about their life. I am there as a guide while they travel along unknown ground.

I am especially skilled in natural & alternative healing. I work with nature and the natural cycles of life & death. I find working this way is gentle, nurturing and supportive. I feel death is a natural part of life and should not be hidden away as that just creates more fear around it.

I am kind, reliable and grounded. I am a mum to 3 young boys and 2 cats. I love being creative and sell some artwork. I get things done and I feel it’s a sacred work to support individuals as they reach the end their life.