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More about me

Caring for others has been the bedrock of my life from young on. I cared for my sister, who had Down Syndrome, for my first twenty-seven years until she died in my arms at the age of twenty-eight. I then went on to accompany my mother until her death from cancer, after which I became the full-time carer for my father through his final five years with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Since then I have worked as a spiritual support volunteer in various hospices in both New York and England for the past nine years.  I have accompanied hundreds of souls on their final journeys, learning from them and gaining vital wisdom from them along the way.

I am a Medical Laboratory Technologist with a specialty in tropical medicine. I have travelled extensively throughout America, where I was born, and spent time in Africa, England, Germany and Canada.

To me, life is a gift – an adventure to be lived intensely, enthusiastically and vibrantly to the end.  As an artist, writer and musician, I see the beauty and wonder that can be gleaned from every moment, despite life’s very real challenges.

I view dying not only as a physical experience but one that encompasses all of life. I am drawn to providing holistic support to the dying and advocate an ethos where an individual’s personality and culture are celebrated to the end. I believe laughter can punctuate tears, joy can permeate sorrow, and a person can be surrounded by beauty, peace, joy and love until their last breath.

If you are journeying toward the end of life, I would welcome the opportunity to join you as a friend and educated companion. Together, we can explore the mysteries and challenges that life has in store and savour the joy and beauty that surrounds us.