Kirsten Lavers

Offers doula services in: Cambridgeshire

Contact Details

Tel: 07887 840 663 / 07825 795 808

I am a former nurse, who turned to art in my late twenties and I have enjoyed a rich and fulfilling life (so far!) making art that involves and engages people from all walks of life – often in unexpected places! For several years I ran a gallery in a London Taxi that was parked in my front garden! I have two sons and feel blessed to have two grandchildren. For many years I worked with people experiencing homelessness – in night shelters, hostels and most recently an arts charity focussed on rebuilding esteem and confidence through storytelling, photography and art. I love gardening and have a small allotment that fills me with joy and good tasty vegetables. I also like to bake bread, sew and swim.  I am practical and happy to turn my hand to most things if the need arises.  I am a Quaker which is a faith tradition based on 5 core values: simplicity, peace, truth, community, equality and sustainability. I try everyday to be true to these values in the way that I conduct myself. I’m comfortable with both silence and conversation.

Kirsten Lavers
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