Kirsten Lavers

Offers doula services in Cambridgeshire

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More about me

I am a former nurse, who turned to art in my late twenties and I have enjoyed a rich and fulfilling life (so far!) making art that involves and engages people from all walks of life. I have two sons and feel blessed to have two grandchildren. For many years I worked with people experiencing homelessness – in night shelters, hostels and most recently an arts charity focussed on rebuilding esteem and confidence. I am practical and happy to turn my hand to most things if the need arises.  I am a Quaker which is a faith tradition based on 5 core values: simplicity, peace, truth, community, equality and sustainability. I try everyday to hold to these values in the way that I conduct myself. I’m comfortable with both silence and conversation.

I came to End of Life Doula training after the death of of my father, whose wish to die at home we weren’t at the time able to fulfil. The knowledge and learning that the Living Well Dying Training has given me means that I can honour my father going forward by offering my Doula support to others (and their loved ones) to have the dying experience that they hope for. I am passionate about Advance Planning for End of Life and am qualified to offer community workshops as well as personal consultations and advice.