Jane Diamond

Offers doula services in Gloucestershire

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More about me

I trained as a psychotherapist from 2002-2007 and then had two children immediately after that finished. Once they were at school, I found I was quickly drawn into this work. In 2017, I completed the foundation training with Living Well Dying Well and in 2018, I trained in end-of-life planning. I help couples and individuals to get their end-of-life-planning documents in place. The focus of my work since 2018 has been as a modern, progressive funeral director, initially working for and now the proud owner of Family Tree Funeral Company, an independent funeral company in Stroud. As well as this I’ve been running a death café locally since 2016. I am deeply interested in all areas of this work: what I see as the ‘before’ (the EOL planning), the ‘during’ (the doula role) and the ‘after ‘ (the funeral) of this significant and often poignant time of life. I love to integrate these areas and offer them all in my work; I think they belong together and there is scope for greater integration. I am constantly learning and find the work uplifting and inspiring.