Helen Juffs

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More about me

I aim to encourage and support people to engage with grief and loss on their terms before they are confronted with the reality of death (theirs or someone close to them) – to communicate calmly and non-judgementally in uncomfortable situations.  My motivation now is to help people have the best possible experience of dying for them.

My path to becoming a practicing doula has been a gently winding one over 35+ years.  I started off in the arts, retraining in property management, and then complementary therapies.  In addition to working as a doula and reflexologist, I work part-time in the health and social care team of a community infrastructure organisation.

My previous careers and personal experiences have given me multitude skills and insight in to many different lives. I am both a strategist, and a practitioner. I am passionately concerned with addressing health inequalities in underserved communities particularly for LGBTQIA+ people.

I became interested in the work of doulas in 2016 during a challenging time with the onset of menopause and the difficult deaths of two close friends.  As a founding member of EOLD-UK I have experience of being both Midlands regional representative and EDI committee member.