Catherine Shovlin

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More about me

I bring a wealth of life experience to the doula role having worked in large companies, charities and running my own business in the UK and overseas. I have lived in other countries so know something of how that can feel and have worked with people from many cultures. I consider myself open minded and open hearted. I have a calm personality supported by my regular meditation and yoga practice.

I love that my career has brought me into contact with so many different people. Including teenage single parents in council flats in Hull to former miners in South Wales, senior managers in multinational companies, Syrians in a refugee camp, school teachers in The Gambia and troubled teenagers in a residential mental health facility. I appreciate the gifts that each of them have given me, expanding my understanding of human nature and working with me for the benefit of both of us.

I am new to the death doula role but very well versed in being with others, no judgements, just being a fellow human being with your best interests at heart.

I grew up near Newcastle and have lived in London with my 3 children for 35 years.