Alex Frosch

Offers doula services in: Hampshire

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Tel: 07887 840 663 / 07825 795 808

I’m Alex(andra), a Doula in training based in Southampton. I work as manager at the University of Southampton. I moved to Southampton from London in 2016, following the death of my younger sister. I  trained with Living Well Dying Well.

The death of my sister from cancer had a profound impact on me. After Gloria died, I wanted to play a role in supporting other people at the end of life. This attracted me to the non-medical role of end of life doulas – individuals who help those who are dying, and their families, to feel safe and supported, as they make the transition from this life to what is next. My overarching drive is to ensure that others are better prepared and supported when facing (un)expected dying.

I love supporting community events in my area such as organising death cafes and talks, advance planning workshops and 1:1 with clients, working with children, young people, and particular adult siblings. I’m very interested in the topics of digital legacy, ethics and what makes a good death.

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