Our Constitution

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Our Values

  • End of Life Doula UK has aims that reflect our work as Doulas
  • We will be the crucible holding all of us as community of practice where we can share our concerns and passion for ‘Doulas Doing Death Differently’ - learning how to do it better as we interact, share know how and learn from each other
  • Ensuring that the operation of End of Life Doula UK is all our business
  • Person centered, celebrating the diversity of practice and recognizing the unique contribution that each person brings to the work of an End of Life Doula
  • Holding the space in an open hearted way so we can support one another with kindness, dignity and respect
  • Provide a framework for each of us to practice in a way which helps us feel safe and confident – providing guidance and support along the way
  • Working in an uncomplicated, flexible and holistic way
  • Reaping the rewards of collaboration and a coming together, also the same time recognizing the right to autonomy


  • Establish a movement which is understood by individuals, communities, mainstream organisations and the media
  • Reap the benefits and the strength that comes from being a collective with a growing number of people in the network
  • Promote the role of the EoL Doula so that it is understood, recognized, viewed as credible, valued and centred on the individual and those close to that person
  • Form a community of practice and a movement to engage communities and empower others to become more confident with death and dying, avoiding the negative aspects of over medicalization and expertness
  • Give EoL Doulas a sense of belonging, common sense of purpose, a joint identity and a sense of pride
  • Act as a point of connection for public referrals
  • Give EoL Doulas a framework to support practice with written guidance, policies and ongoing mentoring
  • Provide opportunities for CPD and on-going self-assessment of competencies
  • To be self-managed and self-regulated
  • Be open to innovative ways of conducting and communicating our practice – through Community Engagement, modelling what we do, the creative arts and so on


  • End of Life Doula UK is a membership body
  • On joining the member will be notified of their category of Membership, for example Mentored Doula, Affiliate etc.
  • The membership fee is due on anniversary date of joining the membership each year.
  • Membership is required to be in receipt of membership benefits and to have the ability to refer oneself to receive referrals as a LWDW Doula or Doula in Training


All members are expected to show respect and tolerance to other members and their opinions. Any disrespect shall be dealt with by the Committee in private. The Committee’s decision will be final.  Members with a grievance shall forward their case in writing to the Committee who after private investigation shall generate an unbiased ruling. The Committee’s decision will be final.

Approval for Membership

All applications for membership must be approved by the Chair and Secretary of End of Life Doula UK acting jointly.  The decision to approve or decline an application is at their discretion and is final.  Reasons for not accepting an application include, but are not limited to, acting in a way which is believed to be lacking in integrity; bringing End of Life Doula UK or Living Well Dying Well into disrepute; denigrating, in a public forum, Living Well Dying Well, End of Life Doula UK and any individual within the Network;  mis representing experience or training with LWDW; operating in a manner which is not congruent with the Code of Practice. Similarly, these are grounds for withdrawing membership.

Cessation of membership

  • When the annual membership fee has not been paid after 3 months of the renewal date
  • A member gives written notice to the management committee.

Equal Opportunities

End of Life Doula UK will not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation

Committee and Officers

  • The Chair and the Secretary have been appointed (Lizzie Neville and Aly Dickinson and will remain in post until 30 June 2021). At that time, they will stand down and elections will take place
  • In the first two years the Members of the Committee will be selected by Hermione Elliott, Director of Living Well Dying Well; the Chair and the Secretary of End of Life UK acting jointly
  • From I July 2020 the Committee will be elected (excepting the Chair and the Secretary who remain in post until 30 June 2021). The committee member roles are: -
    • Chair - who will chair both general and committee meetings.
    • Secretary - who shall be responsible for taking of minutes, following up on agreed actions, the distribution of all papers and administrative support for
    • Membership Secretary
    • Treasurer - who shall be responsible for maintaining accounts
    • Hermione Elliott Director of LWDW Training Ltd or her delegate
    • Two to Four Members who are Doulas or Doulas in Training
  • The Officers may decide to co-opt others to the Committee according to experience to work on a specific project as and when needed
  • In the event of an officer standing down during the year a replacement will be elected by the next General Meeting of members. An extra ordinary AGM will be called if necessary.
  • Any committee member not attending a meeting without an apology for three months will be contacted by the committee and asked if they wish to resign.

Annual General Meetings (AGM) and other meetings

  • An AGM will be held once a year and no longer than 15 months from the previous one held.
  • Members will be notified by email of date and time and venue 6 weeks before.
  • Members can submit items for discussion once notification of AGM has been given.
  • Members must put in writing to the committee should they wish to be nominate themselves for the committee.
  • The Quorum must have 10% of the membership or 12 members (which ever is the greater number) in attendance for it to elect of make decisions on its behalf.
  • The management committee are to meet every quarter either by face to face meeting or Skype - all meetings unless otherwise stated will be open to all members who wish to attend.

Rules of procedure for meetings

  • All questions that arise at any meeting will be discussed openly and the meeting will seek to find general agreement that everyone present can agree to.
  • If consensus cannot be reached a vote will be taken and a decision will be made by simple majority of members present. If the number of votes cast on each side is equal, the chair of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote.
  • Meetings will be organized by the Secretary.
  • Decisions will be made by vote or by aim to reach a consensus.
  • Minutes will be taken at every meeting.


  • A bank account will be maintained on behalf of the group
  • There will be two signatories to the account to ensure that one is always available to authorize payments.
  • Each transaction will require one signature.
  • For cheque payments up to £50, one of the signatories will sign the cheque.
  • For other payments above £50 (BACS, cash withdrawals, debit card payments or cash payments) a requisition note will be signed by  one of the signatories and the Treasurer.
  • Records of income and expenditure will be maintained by the Treasurer and a financial statement given at each quarterly meeting.
  • Annual Statement of accounts will be presented to the Annual General Meeting.
  • All money raised by the Association will be spent solely on the objects laid out in the constitution.

Amendments to the Constitution

  • Amendments to the constitution may only be made at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Any proposal to amend the constitution must be given to the Secretary in writing. The proposal must then be circulated with the notice of meeting.
  • Any proposal to amend the constitution will require a two-thirds majority person of those present and entitled to vote.


  • If it is decided necessary to close the association a meeting by simple majority may call an Extraordinary General Meeting to do so.
  • If it is agreed to dissolve the association all remaining money and other assets once outstanding debts have been paid will transfer to LWDW Training.

This constitution was agreed on 24 June 2018

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