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I’m an End of Life Doula in training based in Kent, in the southeast of England.Following my own personal healing journey, I found a passion for holding space for others to feel valued and heard. I worked as a life coach until my experience of supporting family and friends at end of life led me to explore the Doula role.Whilst training, I noticed similarities between the Doula practice and my holistic, person-centred coaching approach, as well as the relevance of my ability to create a real and respectful environment to listen without judgment. I also found comfort in my own grief and, with a new awareness of the choices around end of life, I felt more at peace with dying and my own death.In short, I fell in love with the role: amicus mortis – a friend in death.As your friend in death, I’ll walk alongside you on your journey, as you choose the path that feels right for you, and aligns with your individual needs, values and beliefs. I’ll support and empower you to make your own informed decisions about both how you want to live, and how you want to prepare for and experience death.