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The End of Life is one of those delicate subjects that isn’t talked about enough, and most of us shy away from the conversations we ought to have.  I experienced this first-hand, not knowing how to ‘be’ with a family member who was dying, and recognised how much harder the experience was,  without being comfortable with those conversations . Identifying a much wider need for end of life support she retrained, and together with Penny Bell, Co-founded Better Endings

   She is certified by NFCE in the Principles of End of Life Care, and trained as a Doula, with the International Association of End of Life Doulas. ( INELDA ) She holds a TQUK qualification in counselling skills, is a member of the end of life Doula Association in UK (EOL-Doula UK, and has partially completed her diploma. ) She is able to offer pre-bereavement counselling to families where a life limiting illness has been diagnosed.

She has both a law degree and a postgraduate diploma from the University of Cambridge, and spent 20 years working in the Global Financial Markets. She went on to Co-found an International Non-Profit Organisation, The Haller Foundation, which addresses the Sustainable Development Goals through a model for economic development, which is sustainable and environmentally sound.