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Jo Silby

More about me

I work for NHS England providing IT Support, a keen motorcyclist and gym lover! Nearly all my jobs have been in support, it seems that I have a knack for helping people with all sorts of things not just IT problems. Over the years I have supported various friends who have lost family members and found it to be a privilege to offer an ear and a shoulder to cry or just to talk. I also supported my father while he was actively dying, I gave him the space he needed to discuss openly how he was feeling about it and what was going to happen, then I watched him take his last few peaceful breaths as he drifted into another plane. After my father passed, I realised that there was a distance between him dying and my mother and brother being almost vacant from what was happening. I found LWDW and decided to undertake the foundation course so that I could possibly be that bridge for another family or person who needs the space held just for them. I am keen to get discussions between individuals and their families or even medical professionals to have those wishes expressed and carried out the way they have chosen, to support someone who had a good/great life to having an even better death. What a gift to be given…