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More about me

Hello! My name is Heidi and I am a doula in training. I have a lifelong interest in service and never shied away from the tender conversations that death and dying raises.

I work with flowers and herbs and study the cycle of  life through my photography and curator of my patch of land.

Recently I’ve supported a lady and her family at the end of life and I feel she led the way in opening doors of possibility to living and dying her way.

In my training  I learnt of how we can prepare  practically, emotionally and spiritually for lifes greatest transition.  I feel the tide is turning  on how we deal with death and dying and am heartened to see and hear the changing attitudes and a move away from the medicalisation of death to a more holistic, person centred, palliative care approach.

In my work as a content creator I am starting conversations about illness, death and dying and learning incredible amounts as people share their own stories.

Recently  I have completed dementia awareness training and bereavement journey counselling as well as an extra advance care planning course. (You can never be too prepared!)