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Hi, I’m Caro.  My aim is to ensure that the dying person feels truly held right up to their last breath, and although feelings of sadness and regret are natural at this time, it is important to make space for celebration and laughter too.

Having experienced death anxiety early  in my  life, I see my role as a doula  is in  creating a sense of safety and holding for  those approaching the end of life, as they encounter potential feelings of fear and aloneness.  I communicate openly and honestly  and always with kindness.  There are no feelings that cannot be expressed in my world.

Listening  to the unique  life stories of those I support, and gently reflecting back to the person and those they love , their own special  contribution to this world is a privilege and so important.

Music, nature and human connection are powerful forces for healing in the world, and I often use music in my work.

I have supported people living with dementia, using person centred approaches .

I respect and work with people of all faiths or none.  On a personal level I would describe myself as spiritual but not religious.