Jackie Dunn

  A couple of years ago I helped my friend Jackie with her Advance Plan before she went off travelling the world. In October 2018 she received a terminal diagnosis, and when I spoke to her shortly after, she said how thankful she was that she’d done her plan because she now wouldn’t have the …

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An Invaluable Funeral Planning Tip Can Work Really Well For You, Too!

I frequently give public talks, but I don’t see many of the people who attend afterwards, so sometimes I am left wondering what parts – if any – of my information has ‘stuck’ with people. So, it was with true pleasure that I heard this week from someone (I’ll call her S) who attended one …

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image of rainbow colours on water

A Peaceful Death

I am going to call the person I was privileged to have spent 3 months with Ron and change some of the details to respect his privacy.  Ron was a divorced man with 3 adult children 1 boy and 2 girls. His Son and his young family lived in Australia.  His two daughters were living …

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Photo of End of Life Doulas in training

Training to Be a Doula

After enrolling on the Foundation course my thoughts immediately began to turn to the training, as I wondered how on earth I would be trained to become an End of Life Doula. Little did I know this training was going to change the direction of my life. Throughout the course of my varied career I …

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