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Holding Space by Rebecca Kenyon

Beautiful ‘short’ of the work of End of Life Doulas from Mote of Dust Films. The Film Maker and Director is Rebecca Kenyon an End of Life Doula and the Producer is Phil Parker.  Thank you to the wonderful, open hearted people who generously provided insights of their lives.  

Jackie Dunn

  A couple of years ago I helped my friend Jackie with her Advance Plan before she went off travelling the world. In October 2018 she received a terminal diagnosis, and when I spoke to her shortly after, she said how thankful she was that she’d done her plan because she now wouldn’t have the …

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An Invaluable Funeral Planning Tip Can Work Really Well For You, Too!

I frequently give public talks, but I don’t see many of the people who attend afterwards, so sometimes I am left wondering what parts – if any – of my information has ‘stuck’ with people. So, it was with true pleasure that I heard this week from someone (I’ll call her S) who attended one …

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image of rainbow colours on water

A Peaceful Death

I am going to call the person I was privileged to have spent 3 months with Ron and change some of the details to respect his privacy.  Ron was a divorced man with 3 adult children 1 boy and 2 girls. His Son and his young family lived in Australia.  His two daughters were living …

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