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Hi There

 We are a small group of End of Life Doulas – Carol Pearson, Helen Ferguson and Jeannie Lorenz - who would like to offer other End of Life Doulas and Doulas in Training, support.  You can see more about us later.  The reason why we want to make this offering is because our community of End of Life Doulas are practised and experienced in supporting people and those important to them through illness and at the end of life, but we also face issues which affect our own emotional wellbeing.  This may be a long-term situation that we would benefit from support during or a one off event, when a conversation with someone who can support us in a compassionate and caring way may make a huge difference.

 We would like to offer the opportunity for Doulas and Doulas in Training to speak with another experienced Doula in confidence for support at times of emotional need.  This may be a death in the doulas own close network, a diagnosis of illness, a difficult treatment or other life issues which jolt us out of our usual coping strategies.

Whilst this is something we have discussed with the Directors and Committee of End of Life Doula UK, who value and support this proposal, it has been agreed that this is an independentconfidential and free offering by us 3 (Carol, Helen and Jeannie).

This is not counselling, psychotherapy or mentoring but is a free, confidential support service and a safe space for our End of Life Doula UK (EoLDUK) community.  You can contact us in confidence in the first instance by emailing


Warmest wishes

Carol, Helen and Jeannie

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