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More about me

The death of my father I believe was the start of my journey to become a ‘death doula’ or as I prefer an ‘amicus mortis’, a friend in death.   I decided to educate myself and understand better what it is to die, why we and our loved ones are so often ill prepared for something inevitably coming to us all.

I arrived at my training with Living Well Dying Well from a seemingly unrelated career as a potter, though now I can see the connections exist. Potters start with a raw material, clay, they shape, nurture and finally commit their precious pieces into the transformational alchemy at the end, the changing of clay into an entirely new material. I love this analogy with life and death.

I feel strongly that no-one should have to face death and dying alone. It is natural to feel fear when confronted with something we have become unfamiliar with. As doulas we are trained to walk alongside people, so we face things together and the fear is diminished.

Practical by nature, friends and family describe me as empathetic, supportive, ready to laugh and always keen to build connections with others, I feel honoured to have found my path.