Samson Hill

I am an End of Life Doula who has completed training with Living Well Dying Well which has given me the foundation to meet people holistically, in their entirety. I have undergone training in counselling, mentoring and social care and am competent in offering person-centred support, which I have developed further through my work as a Personal Assistant. I am passionate about facilitating others to have a death that is individual to them – to live by their truth and to die by it, having ownership and autonomy around their experience. I am particularly interested in topics of gender and the dying experience in the LGBTQI community, but connect with all on a level that transcends labels.

Similarly, I am interested in all spiritual, philosophical and religious denominations and am open to supporting those with or without spiritual needs. I am a passionate creative, enjoying writing and photography. I love nature! Being a Doula is not a role for me, I believe it is a way of being that I attempt to translate into all facets of my life. It’s about bringing my authentic and congruent self to meet another individual, to relate with a common interest of humanity and offering support on such an important journey.

Photo of Samson Hill, End of Life Doula

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