Molly Taylor

Offers doula services in: Surrey

Contact Details

Tel: 07887 840 663

I’m passionate about enabling people to have a good death through the way of fully educating them in the process, planning and guidance of all they are entitled to know and receive.

In childhood I suffered a lot of illness and early on began to contemplate my own and others mortality and questioned whether there was more to life than what I could see and feel and what was solidly is.

My profession has expanded down the educational line – firstly as a primary school teacher moving later to tutor and mentor adults. I have been married and raised children and lived for periods of time in the US and Europe; Semi-retired and relocating to Dorking in the Surrey Hills in 2014, I wanted to remain active and useful.

I initially trained and volunteered with a local charity that supports people and their families with life-threatening illnesses but three years on I wanted to know and help more and this led me to train as an End of Life Doula with Living Well Dying Well.

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