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My name is Melanie and I live in a small village called Ilsede in the north of Germany. I am a complementary Therapist for Reiki, Aroma Touch and Mindfulness Meditation and work on the palliative care ward of St. Bernward Hospital in Hildesheim as well as in private practice. I am also the author of the book “When to love means to let go”, the host of the Healing Well podcast and co host of the podcast A Life To Die For. I see death and dying as an integral part of this life and being with dying to me is just one more aspect of life’s beauty. As Doula I can be a hand that helps or supports, a voice when one feels unheard, an ear for anyone to speak their heart and mind. And I can be like furniture – silent, still, yet serving the important purpose to hold space. I see being a “friend in the end” as a great honor, perhaps the greatest honour of all.