Meg Brown

Offers doula services in: Suffolk

Contact Details

Tel: 07887 840 663 / 07825 795 808

During my thirteen years of practicing as a Person Centred Therapist, in private practice and for East Suffolk Mind, I worked with many clients with challenging mental health issues. These included: depression, eating disorders, paranoid schizophrenia and childhood sexual abuse. I also worked with grief, loss, relationship difficulties, gender issues, spiritual challenges and drug abuse.

I enjoy many interests such as, poetry, gardening, music, reading, cooking & entertaining friends, walking, holidays abroad. I also deepened my involvement with Buddhism, Meditation and Sound & Energy work. I have a close circle of friends and enjoy contact with my daughters and grandchildren.

Over the past seven years I have supported a friend who was devastated by the sudden loss of her husband of 40 years. For three years I accompanied a special friend, from diagnosis of cancer to her death in 2017. We were able to discuss openly all that happened in that time and to share our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. For the past year I have been a volunteer Befriender at the Sue Ryder Chantry Neurological Home.

I see the role of an End Of Life Doula as a natural follow-on from my professional work and my life experiences.

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