Mary Kelly

Offers doula services in: London

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Tel: 07887 840 663

I’m a mother and grandmother; I work part time in a law firm and have also worked as a nurse and midwife.  I love gardening, walking in nature and playing music.

Over a period of 10 years I’ve delved deeply into the dying process and been struck by how lonely and difficult death often is, simply because we are either very afraid or lack the experience of being fully present with the dying.  The medical profession are desperately focused on keeping people alive and hospital staff are inadequately trained to help us die well. During the years I worked as a nurse we were never taught how to be present at the end of life.

I practice Quaker’s approach to end of life –learning to be deeply present, appreciating ageing, a practical approach to preparing for death, and being comfortable with the relationships we will leave behind.  I love the Doula training; it teaches us how to accept our own mortality and how to be a tender supportive presence for the dying, helping them feel safe and, giving guidance confidence and support in any way that’s needed.

It has become my passion to know how to die well and to help others. I share Living Well Dying Well’s vision for this knowledge to be widely known and easily available to all who want it.


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