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Greetings I’m Martin.

To begin, I feel strongly about normalising the topic of our deaths which some consider to be an important part of our learning to live. By saying yes to living with death, together we can begin to break the taboos surrounding it. Where I grew up in Ireland, people would spend days together alongside their loved ones who had moved on, they held each other in their tears, their laughter, and in their celebration of their loved one’s uniqueness and of what that experience had meant to them and the community . I have since lived and worked amongst different cultures whose ancient practices surrounding death and dying I hold with the greatest honour and respect. These formative and inspiring experiences have led me to further my end of life doula training with Living Well Dying Well. My approach to supporting individuals, groups and families through death, loss and grief include fostering a sense of connection, community, and agency amongst those involved. Together we will realise a death befitting of the uniqueness of the life lived. On behalf of yourself or your loved one, I will advocate for your choices and support you with compassion, care, humour and presence. Whether you are at home or elsewhere, with others or alone, my role is to provide a guiding, calming and helping hand along the way.  I feel the most fulfilled in my life when I can be of service to others and would be most honoured and humbled to accompany you or your loved one on this unique journey. I happily live in Berkshire with my good lady wife, our two beautiful boys and our beloved Irish setter and cat.

Martin JL O’Toole