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Greetings I am Martin,

To be truthful I have never really felt a separation from what I see to be a normal part of the natural cycle of things, that of our deaths.

It has always been clear to me that we should want to die as we have lived, on our own unique terms in a way that befits the truth of our being.  Unfortunately, modern societal norms have led us toward a more sanitised separated medicalised and mechanised version of what we once decided for ourselves and have led us further away from the ancient wisdom and practises which I believe collectively and carefully helped to heal and hold each and every one of us and our communities together.

Having thankfully worked with and within nature for most of my life and having been blessed to live in a variety of cultures around the world, this led me to an interest in the natural way of things and the native Indigenous cultural approaches to the life cycle, which in turn led me to my training at Living Well Dying Well.

To simply be able to be at home, if we so wish, on our own terms, in our own environment and with our choices of how we would like things to be voiced by ourselves, facilitated by the people on these pages (namely the way I see the Doula role,) as a cohesive calming factor. There to help if guidance is needed, wanted or if not, just quietly in the background nonetheless.

A simple spark gifted a truth revealed, that we each came here to help to heal, to harmonise and to honour in humility, that which is most sacred in that our hearts have no limit. We reach for the sides, the top, the outer expanses and in this find there to be no limit. No limit to this cycle of life to love to this being of truth and trust and if we can, through a smile or a gesture, an act of kindness, a gentle ear or through an unseen unrewarded unexpected unexplainably simple sharing, gift this to another, even if it is in the smallest way, then that day has already honoured our promise to all and everything we came for, not separate not single but suffused and succoured in the knowledge that we are of service.

I happily live in Berkshire with my good lady wife our two beautiful boys our beloved Irish Setter our cat and our horses.

I would hope to approach your or your loved ones unique experience with care compassion, love and understanding and would be most honoured and humbled to accompany you or your loved one toward this the greatest journey of all.

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