Adbeel Mariana Garcia Lozada

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More about me

I am a trained bilingual psychologist with experience in clinical psychology, research, teaching and psychosocial projects. After finishing my Masters in Community Psychology, I started working with vulnerable communities, but since my dad’s death in 2015 I have dedicated myself to deepening my knowledge about death and dying, while also donating my time and skills to different UK charities and hospices where I have worked with the ill, the elderly and the bereaved. In fact, it was while facilitating a bereavement group that I learned about the Doula role. This was like the piece that was missing from my puzzle! So, I first became a Certified End of Life Doula in the USA and then continued my studies and certification here in the UK.

Currently I am living in Chesterfield, UK, and, in addition to the individual and family support, I am involved in the movement of compassionate communities, the training of doulas and in the carrying out of death community activities such as workshops, festivals, conferences and Death Cafes.

I enjoy spending time in nature, supporting different charities, learning about different cultures and relishing life with my loved ones, too. However, I have to admit that befriending death and helping others to live a more fulfilling life until the end has become my life’s vocation, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I could be of any help.