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Lowri’s first career was as a Biomedical Scientist in the discipline of Medical Microbiology.  She decided she would like to work with people, not just their specimens, and retrained as a Complementary Therapist.  Lowri used her new skills to volunteer at her local hospices for adults, and for children and, also worked with children and young adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

In 2016 Lowri’s husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and died a year later at the age of 44.  Halfway through this journey, Lowri employed an End of Life Doula after reading about them in a magazine.  Lowri will be forever grateful to her Doula for the support given and for being the only person she could really tell how she was feeling.

Three years later Lowri had a true calling to train to be a Doula herself and is now a Doula in training.  Lowri volunteers for a local charity supporting families with a terminally ill or life limited child.

Lowri is one of the first person to use a Doula and then become a Doula themselves, and feels honoured to be asked to join the Committee, where her gift for straight talking is appreciated.

Lowri is also a qualified yoga and meditation teacher and lives with her neurodiverse son, his therapy dog and two tortoises who make her laugh every day.  ​