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My name is Karen, and I live in Ash Vale, Surrey, with my husband and Dobermanns. I work in a charity where we help refugees, asylum seekers and low-income people to start their careers in the Tech Industry. And when not doing that, I enjoy walks with my family, gardening, reading and many different sports, such as swimming and tai chi. Over the past years, I have mentored many, especially women, helping them to gain confidence and guiding them in their careers. I also practise mindfulness, which is a great way of bringing myself to the present and helping me to relieve anxieties and worries. I completed the Living Well Dying Well Foundation Training Course in January and look forward to continuing the Diploma soon. I believe in the quality of life and that we strive for it, not only at our peak but also at our end of life. Knowledge lets us decide what we consider essential and ensure support and comfort in our dying moments