Jenny-Ann Gunnarsson

Offers doula services in: Sweden

Contact Details

Tel: 07887 840 663

I cared for my mum when she was dying and had the very sad but most wonderful gift of being there in the moment of her death. With that precious experience I just knew I had to do something with it – to open up and talk about the inevitable and so I started my own funeral home. It has been very rewarding but I felt I was still missing something and when I came across the End of Life Doula movement, I knew I had found that last piece. I consider my work as a funeral director my calling but the work of a doula goes straight to my heart.

Privately I live with my husband, daughter and dog in central Gothenburg. Things and activities I enjoy, apart from work is; singing gospels in a choir, sketching croquis, cooking, traveling, qi gong and winding down at our country place in the middle of nowhere where rowing our small boat has become a great way to handle stress.

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