Jane O’Riordan

I am a doula in training with End of Life Doula UK and can offer individuals and those close to them support in a practical way. I live in Ipswich, Suffolk and can support families within 20 miles. A terminal diagnosis or being at end of life can be a frightening prospect and I understand these emotions and how vital important conversations are. I volunteer for Cruse Bereavement, Suffolk and support individual clients on the telephone and on the national helpline. This work has helped me understand the difficult thoughts and feelings a family and those close to them experience after the person has died.

I have supported people with life limiting illness to plan for how they want their living to be until they die, with their Advance Plans which includes an Advance Decision and a statement of their wishes and preferences.

I’d like to think I am a kind and compassionate person and I’m eager to ‘make a difference’. I’m not an expert but happen to think life is precious until we take our last breath.

Photo of Jane O'Riordan, End of Life Doula

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