Gloria Ferguson

Offers doula services in Tyne and Wear

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More about me

I offer a non-medical, holistic and person centred approach for the dying and their loved ones in order to help them achieve a peaceful, loving and dignified death, where possible.

This involves working in a compassionate way that is both respectful of the dying person’s beliefs and values, and those closest who are supporting them.

The work may begin from point of diagnosis and continue until the last days of life, or simply over a few intensive days as and when required.

The most important aim is to provide comfort, support and reassurance in enabling a dying person to experience a tranquil and dignified end to life, and supporting those loved ones around them.  This could include a range of gentle therapies to soothe and reassure, deep listening and holding space, respite for those caring, sitting vigil, and acting in an advisory and advocacy capacity.  

I feel passionately that we need to acknowledge fears, myths and misconceptions that create the avoidance of what is, after all, one of life’s most innate and inevitable events and I believe that we live in a society where natural death and dying have become medicalised, sanitised and kept at arm’s length.  My role looks to bring about a change in this; to return dying, death and beyond back into the family and community where possible; whilst honouring the dying person and respecting everyone involved in the process of caring for them in whatever capacity.

I felt drawn to this work having had the immense privilege of being with 3 family members as they died.   By navigating health, medical and social care situations and managing the hopes, care and outcomes of the person dying I quickly learned that there is so much more we can do to enable people to have a more compassionate, peaceful and dignified death.