Elizabeth Parker

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Elizabeth Parker

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I have been a Live In Carer for over ten years looking after people with long term and terminal illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, M.N.D, Dystonia, Dementia and End of Life age related death.

I provide physical, medical and psychological support and care to the person in my care while giving guidance and compassionate understanding to them and for their family’s.

I help them to create beautiful hand made legacy journals filled with photographs and words of love or well chosen poems to leave to their loved ones. I helped them with advance planning, administration and possible choices for their funerals. All to help them achieve closure, calmness of mind, peace and tranquility which allows them to enjoy worry free time with their family, their surroundings and their thoughts as they pass through the dying process.

I believe creating a calming and peaceful environment for all during the persons dying process brings a more gentle, love filled space for all to say goodbye.

The after care for the one who has died is as gentle and respectful as when they were living. The involvement of the family in this aftercare is a vital part of helping their loved ones process their immediate loss, bringing peace in a special togetherness.

My thoughts of all I have learnt in my experience with my care for the living and dying are with helping those who are alone and have no family or friends to support them. I believe no one should be left alone in this journey of passing or letting go and I can be there for them as a hand to hold onto.