Clare Fleming

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More about me

Witnessing hospice care and experiencing loss moved me to explore the privilege and honour of accompanying someone contemplating or nearing the end of their life. With a background in television production, I have taken gentle steps to learn and develop the approach and skills of a doula supported by the extraordinary training that Living Well Dying Well provides. With each of those steps, I have opened my heart and mind to being present and holding space with compassion, curiosity, warmth, and human kindness to support someone to live, to plan, to die, and to be celebrated, mourned, and remembered. Death is not a comfortable space in our society, but I feel that I can turn towards it not away, and, by doing so, accompany the journey in whatever way is wished and needed. Alongside my training, I helped as an Advance Planning volunteer with Princess Alice Hospice. 

 I am based in Dorset with two grown-up children and a young Labrador.