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My name is Carmen, I was born in 1971, and I live in northern Spain, in the Basque Country though I´m Dutch. I have three daughters and a granddaughter, and I have been working as a birth doula since 2009. In my birth doula role, I supported several perinatal deaths. This experience made me want to learn more about supporting death itself. Through the years and my experience I have learnt that the Doula role requires continuous growth and development and I understand the huge impact that the End of Life Doula has on both the family and the person in their final days. I offer a person centred approach supporting the dying to have a voice and to be able to say their goodbyes…and I understand how important is to speak about death in our normal life. I have a big faith in meeting people just where they are, in deep listening and respect for all kind of beliefs. I will just be the person that walks alongside you, as you walk your own path.