Bernice Benton

Offers doula services in Powys

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More about me

As well as my work in supporting people and those important to them at end of life I am an independent celebrant specialising in end-of-life celebrations. By that I mean not only mainstream funerals (burials and cremations), also natural burials, memorials, living wakes, remembrance celebrations, laying/scattering of ashes.  I’m a huge advocate in encouraging families to talk about death; their fears and their wishes and facilitate open discussion amongst family members to confidently prepare and pre plan for end-of-life care, funerals, and memorials through a program I’ve developed called DIY Before You Die: Death Planning 


I’m also a professional stained-glass artist/teacher and run a guesthouse. 


My approach, whatever hat I’m wearing, is person centred, every person or family I work with are unique individuals and their wishes and needs are not pre-prescribed. Every partnership starts with a blank canvas and is totally tailored to your needs.