Ann Buckley

Offers doula services in Greater Manchester

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More about me

After beginning my career in nursing, I subsequently moved to domiciliary care. I have supported clients with complex needs at end of life, sometimes in challenging situations, including working in a secure unit. I was very involved when my parents died. Both deaths could have been ‘better.’ Each time and although I had witnessed many deaths I was reminded how little support most of us really get and there always seems to be something missing.By chance I found Living Well Dying Well (LWDW.) I was hooked from the start. ‘A Doula’ is someone to ‘fight your fight’ with you. Take a bit of strain, put the kettle on and halve any problems by sharing them. Be there when you just need silence or feel like every thing is swamping you.Knowledge and skills taught by LWDW can underpin a good death, simply changing the whole experience. Doulas are like living comfort blankets, we all need one. Fair weather sailing is my hobby. I make a competent crew. I can steady your course whilst standing your corner! And I don’t take no for an answer…