Anita Bignell

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Anita Bignell

More about me

 I am passionate about supporting people to experience a “Good Death”. I feel this begins with a conversation between loved ones about what their wishes and preferences are. Working with compassion and companionship facilitating a safe space for an holistic approach to end of life care, has always been my motivation when supporting people when they are at their most vulnerable.  Death and dying is still such a taboo subject and many people are frightened about what will happen at the end of their life. I feel working with and recognising each  individuals unique situation “normalising” and validating feelings is a good place to start what can often be a difficult conversation, at least to begin with.  I am driven by the desire to make discussions around death and dying as natural as any other conversation. Planning and preparing for ones own death is the greatest gift we can leave for our loved ones.