Katie Hern

I’m Katie (she/her), I’m 27 years old, married, and lucky enough to have a gorgeous dog. I have an incredible support network who bless and enrich my life in innumerable ways. I’ve always secretly hated the way we talk about our dead and dying, I felt I could never share that because it sounds really …

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Melanie Leamy

My name is Melanie and I live in a small village called Ilsede in the north of Germany. I am a complementary Therapist for Reiki, Aroma Touch and Mindfulness Meditation and work on the palliative care ward of St. Bernward Hospital in Hildesheim as well as in private practice. I am also the author of …

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Dan Sumption

I live with my wife and our dog Molly in the middle of the North Pennines, on the border of County Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria. Having studied psychology at university, I then spent much of my working life writing computer software, as well as working with my wife as a foster carer for children from …

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Richard West

Richard West

I am a fifty-four-year-old father of three. I’ve worked in many different fields including teaching, care work, gardening, in the film industry and as a musician. I’m currently running workshops in a woodland I’ve purchased with my partner, based on healing through creativity and nature. I volunteer at the Pilgrims Hospice in Canterbury. I’m involved …

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Wllen Kydd

Ellen Kydd

The last 20 years of my life has been spent raising my 2 children. We live rurally, tend a small vegetable patch, keep chickens, and enjoy the connection with the passing seasons. My work history is rooted in healing and health care. I worked within the NHS from the age of 16 – 29. Firstly …

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photo of Lowri Rylance

Lowri Rylance

Lowri’s first career was as a Biomedical Scientist in the discipline of Medical Microbiology.  She decided she would like to work with people, not just their specimens, and retrained as a Complementary Therapist.  Lowri used her new skills to volunteer at her local hospices for adults, and for children and, also worked with children and …

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Photo of Xowie Grist

Xowie Grist

Hello! I’m Xowie (pronounced Zoe – I know, I know, my Mum made it up!) I am currently training to be an End of Life Doula after having spent 26 years being interested in funeral practises and how we can best take care of our loved ones who have died. I thought it would be …

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Photo of Martin OToole

Martin O’Toole

Greetings I am Martin, To be truthful I have never really felt a separation from what I see to be a normal part of the natural cycle of things, that of our deaths. It has always been clear to me that we should want to die as we have lived, on our own unique terms …

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Mandy Carpenter

I’m a Doula in training. I have taken the long road to get here but have gathered a range of experiences on route. My journey follows on from the death of my father. And my work with Cruse bereavement support, where I have supported children and adults for over 10 years and have witnessed some …

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Bernice Benton

As well as my work in supporting people and those important to them at end of life I am an independent celebrant specialising in end-of-life celebrations. By that I mean not only mainstream funerals (burials and cremations), also natural burials, memorials, living wakes, remembrance celebrations, laying/scattering of ashes.  I’m a huge advocate in encouraging families …

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